Monday, 25 October 2010

Change of design

I felt like my design wasn't 'Apple' enough. Apart from the logo and the clean, white space I thought my design didn't fit in with apple design criteria. A few of the aspects of the Apple website that stand out to me are the bold text, bold imagery followed by the small images and text. The text is broken up by the series of small images and the white space is broken up by the off grey background outlining the white. It is also a centered design.

I thought I'd try the boxes on the side (The main images is a bit stretched as I was just trying out the dimensions). Still not apple enough, it isn't centered and there is too much white space.
Building it in dream weaver, following Apples formula centered design, space for text and images, text with small images underneath.
The design and illustrations put in... now its looking like a campaign that apple would launch. I have done my own style images to make the website my own.

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