Monday, 18 October 2010

Monster Mock-ups

Today I have developed my mock-ups to see how the illustrations and website layout will work together to clearly show that downloading products from a reliable source, such as Apple is the right thing to do.

I want to show that just because something seems like the real thing doesn't mean it is. My website design shows this through logos and clean, simple design that replicates apple but is clearly in a different style. This shows that I can design for a company, such as Apple but can also use my own design initiative to get the message across that downloading is wrong.

Home Page: now that the audience have clicked the option to 'download' something that they aren't sure is trust worthy it goes onto a page about the consequences of downloading. The Image takes up most of the page so that it is easy to see. It is also something eye catching for the audience to get the message across quickly and easily with out boring them with a lot of information.
About itunes: This page is about the benefits of downloading with itunes. It is reliable, easy to use, you get what you pay for and it is always of good quality.

Below are close ups of the illustrations used to show the pros of itunes and the cons of downloading illegally. At the moment they are only black and white so that i can get a flavour for how they look on the page. I am going to use bold colour to draw the audiences attention to certain parts of the message the illustration holds.

The image below gives the audience a visual aid to the message that by downloading you are destroying your computer.

downloading+file-sharing= evil, monstrous viruses.

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