Monday, 18 October 2010

Just Because It Looks Like Apple Doesn't mean It is...

I have developed the concept of my idea so that I can utilize more of my skills, such as illustration and interactive flash skills. I am still doing a project for Apple but I am coming from a different angle. The project is going to be aimed at 17-24 year old (who are more likely to download). My concept is that I want people to be aware that "The Only Apple Is The Real Apple". I am going to get this message across by luring them into 'downloading' and interacting with my website. The images are hand drawn to represent apple as it is such an iconic logo people will recognise it immediately but they will realise it isn't real. As you can see from the sketches below they will go through each stage to inform them of the pros and cons of purchasing products from Apple.

The message of my website is the only true Apple is the real Apple.

I was inspired by the Volkswagen adverts that say if its like Volkswagen it is the real Volkswagen therefore you aren't getting the real experience.

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