Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Apple Research


The Apple brand is
  • Clean
  • Simple
  • Web 2.0 style in terms of use of colour to highlight certain points
  • Easy to use through clear navigation
  • Easy to use and download products (highlighted in blue)
  • Easy to read text. Bold. To. The. Point.
  • Main information on the page so you don't have to scroll down
All the above bullet point are attributes that I am going to need to put into my website design. Although i want to create something that represents Apples brand I want to put my own creative flare into it though layout, colour and typography (in the main site).
Another reason why I have chosen to create an anti piracy website for Apple is because so many young people, all over the world connect digital, portable music with Apple (ipod and itunes). people listen to what Apple have to say as it represents the unlimited, free nature of downloading through itunes.

“Apple is about imagination, design and innovation. It goes beyond commerce. This business should have been dead 10 years ago, but people said we've got to support it." Mark Globe

Apple is about clever marketing. It persuades the public that it is worth paying extra for easy to use, fun, cool products. This is what my website needs to shout out.

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