Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Gaia Logo design

Here are 5 different variations of my Made Like Gaia logo design.

logo 1: Bold colours that I think represent my personality. Plus it will make the logo stand out against the page. Also i have added a bit extra 'decoration' in the form of leaves to represent the meaning of Gaia (earth mother) and to show the 'growth' of my website design etc.
Logo 2: same colours, same leaves but placed differently. Maybe looks too much like an army print though...
logo 3: Simple spotted pattern. I don't think it represents my personality though. Too standard and doesn't stand out against competitors.
Logo 4: Maybe the winner so far. Simple bold colours with a slight texture to represent my brand. I am going to experiment with the texture behind these bold colours.
Logo 5: Stripey patterned paper to represent my home made, creative style.

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