Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Made Like Gaia...

It's time to get back to work! After moving about a lot over the summer and finally getting a decent Internet connection (don't get an 02 dongle) I have got updates on my portfolio website.

My concept is made like Gaia. Gaia is the original spelling of my name and is the earth Mother. Although through my designs I'm not recreating something as big as nature itself I put a lot of love and care into my passion of website design and illustration. I want my portfolio to be a brand of what I see myself as- a designer with many unique skills and qualities. I am not just a website designer. I code my own site in many languages, I am the graphic designer, fine artist, illustrator etc. I want my portfolio to portray a sense of growth as both a brand and as a designer so below are a few starting points...

I had the idea that my logo and be part of a tree to represent the growth of my brand with my tools 'growing' out of it

Initial ideas for a logo. Simple text, maybe experiment with patterns behind the text?

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