Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Portfolio Inspiration

I like this website purely for the introduction and it's outstanding use of illustration. The illustration grabs the audiences attention with simple colours and movement from the first page. The only thing is its navigation, it's hard to find and use as its over powered by the image.
This site inspired me for its simple layout but it feels very personal because of the image of the guy (that I guess is meant to be Gareth). It stands out because of the good use of yellow and simple navigation. I like the little touches he's put in so you get a sense of what and who he is for example, the Belfast crossed out and his current location put in. Also the simple navigation that lights up when you mouse over.
This one is my favourite! I love the use of illustration that is used on the front page and guides you through their portfolio without over powering the work. I also like the introduction line, to give the website a personal edge. So you know what the website is about he has got his work on the index page as a preview. I think this shows the audience what talents he has and tells them automatically what it is about. One last thing that strikes me about this site is the bold yet gentle use of colour.
I like the sense of movement as you navigate through each section. Also it has a sense of simplicity as each piece of work has a description next to it. The work is also defined by a pattern in the background to draw your eye towards it without over powering it.

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