Thursday, 2 September 2010

Meaningful Broadband

In today's world the importance of broadband connection is increasing, perhaps to the stage where it is being compared to the basic need of food and water! The UN is trying to achieve access to broadband in an affordable manner. Dr Hamadoun Toure, secretary general of the International Telecommunications Union told the BBC that education, fighting disease and gender equality are all pressing issues that they are aiming to resolve by 2015 and that technology is a prime tool of achieving this goal. Dr Toure believes that broadband is a communication tool that can accelerate the progress of the developing world.

"I am putting ICT [Information and Communication Technologies] as an opportunity of meeting the goals."

He sees this as an opportunity to use technology to develop e-education and e-health programs. This rises the question of how the world can afford when they are struggling to afford water and basic health care. Is the western world becoming obsessed with communication through the internet? Do we take it for granted? If one thing is clear it has changed our priorities in the western world.

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