Monday, 12 April 2010

Brief Three: Yumi's Ice-cream Parlour

This is the first time at uni since the first term that we have done a group project (although I have worked as part of a group for projects outside of uni) so I want to get as much experience of how to work effectively as part of a team as I may be doing this in future jobs. Communication is going to be the biggest part of making this a success, not just between our team but with the client to make sure we are all on the same page.
So far I have had one meeting with Mohamed, the owner of YUMI. He made a few specifications and gave me some ideas that I am going to talk to the group about. He wants YUMI's to be-
  • Family orientated but still attract students etc in the evening.
  • The menu to be interchangeable
  • Vouchers you can print off
  • A brand people can relate to
The Logo:
A Mind Map:
Below are tow website that the owner likes but they have two very different themes. One of which definitely won't work for a family based website! this website has a strong band, is bold and sells that product to adults but I can't see any elements that I would consider influencing our site. The theme is far too adult for a family website. I do like the use of colour around twitter and facebook as it contrasts with the pink title so they both stand out against the background. I really like this website as it stands for want Ben and Jerry's is friendly, fun and enjoyable. It has relaxing colours with games to advertise the different flavours. I like the home made animated feel created by the style of the pages. Also the videos about their ice-cream also have a 'cartoony' feel that gives the brand a friendly feel.

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