Friday, 2 April 2010


I really enjoyed the Decode exhibition at the V&A in London. I made a bit of a day of it and went to see some documentary photography at photo8 that my friend (a photography student that I've done a website for) has introduced me too.

I found the decode exhibit to be very eye opening when it comes to how technology is developing within our society. It has provided people with more artistic tools of which to explore the depth of our minds and the ways in which we can communicate in. To me the most outstanding work is that which draws on he creativity of the user. Many pieces are a creative, digital response to our physical form.

This is one of my favourite pieces because it allows visitors of decode to rework the code to animate the image in their own unique way.

The piece below is by YOKE, based in Copenhagen. It combines interaction with programming and audio engineering to create a responsive installation. I like the way that the user can interact with the website with a seemingly everyday object, such as the hair dryer that you use to direct the movement of the dandelion. A simple idea used to get the user to interact with an everyday object in a new way.

On the second half of our trip to London we went to photo8(
The work was very vivid and had a sense of texture to them that not many photographers manage to capture. My favourite piece was of an old man in a boat but his skin was dropping off his shoulders, telling the story of his hard working life. The exhibit addressed issues concerning the oil ruining our landscape and destroying lives.

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