Friday, 2 April 2010

Saira's Photography Website

This term has been a very testing one. Need I mention why? Well here goes. PHP have been the biggest challenge of the year so far and I'm sure there is plenty more coming in my direction! Overall I am pleased with my website but there is a lot things that I want to change about it and develop for the client. The hardest thing about working with this particular client was merging my brief with what she wanted. Basically she didn't want the PHP page but I needed to use PHP to deepen my skills base, which I think I have. Both the log in and the journal page are working but I want to develop them by styling them and making fit work with the website design on a more professional level. Also I want to experiment more with the interactive gallery menu. From feedback I think I need to make it more accessible and clearer as to it's use.

On the other hand I think the colour scheme works well, her photos and the centre of the website and nothing takes away the focus from them. Also I like the logo being half Punjabi and half English to represent her multicultural heritage. Also O have saved space on the photos whilst keeping the clarity of them so they can still engage the viewer.

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