Sunday, 3 May 2009

Finished Flash Elements

These are a couple of screen shots of the introduction to my identities box. It starts with childlike game to present my version of the exquisite corpse. It works my moving the mouse over different sections of the image to change therefore you make your own version of me. The three section represent three characters of me (although there are more.) Passionate, happy and reflective as all three trait's I can relate to the rest of my life passion for art, family, friends, travelling etc, my happy/positive outlook and the reflective nature that unites my character.

I also thought the exquisite corpse is a good introduction to my box because it reflects how we are introduced in real life, by face value we interpret some ones looks and make a prejudgement on them. I want to give my audience a prejudgement and show them the inner depths that make me who I am.

My identity shuffled. I experimented with different focuses (close-up etc) to provoke different reactions and emphasis certain part of my personality. For example the happy character is in a close-up form to grab peoples attention because it is the first photo you will see.
First scene of my box. I am my identity box.

Before I placed the pictures of me onto the box I experimented with boxes to work out the code. I admit I found it hard at first but with some help with the code from David I was on my way.

My code.

My original plan was to repeat the pictures 3 times to make more options to enter the box in but with the time scale I am working with I haven't been able to produce that many. If I have time at the end of the project I will add in more exquisite corpse characters.

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