Monday, 4 May 2009

Finished Flash Game

This is the start of the game where I have kept it a simple questionnaire game. I have tried to built on points that I could've done in my narratives game such as animating it to keep the audience engaged in the game. I have changed the background to black as I think it makes the pictures stand out. I choose those particular pictures to represent different aspect of myself. The distortion picture stands for how peoples perception of me may be distorted though first impression but they will learn more about me throughout the course of the game. The wooden pot holds many memories of travelling that have changed the way I think about life. The drawing is also important to me. It is a life drawing that I have created that represents my creative desire to improve my artist talents. 

In this part of the game you have to pick a persons comment that you best think describes what my identity might be.

To finish the game I have created a drawn animation of myself and made the eyes the focus to portray that the audience has found my identity. They find my identity through the comments that my friends and family say about me. These are people that have known me at different stages of my life therefore have seen the way I have changed and grown so their comments can paint a picture of who I am. The end animation is about the audience gaining an insight to my identity and one of the key ingredients to knowing some one is through their eyes ('the eyes are the window to the soul'). I emphasised this in the drawn animation above (worked over in photoshop/flash) by only using colour around the eyes.

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