Friday, 29 May 2009

Daily Motion

I found this short animation on the daily motion website. It is about a dog who farts and creates a world. It follows the theme of evolution by being made entirely of recycled papers, bank statements, spam mail etc. I really like the idea of how it is made of all 'natural' ingredients and put into a digital production. The story is simple but moves at a good flowing pace to the music. I also think that it is very effective when the world turns into colour after the eruption because of  the direction of the camera that draws your attention to certain words that control our world, such as hours, government, cost, markets etc. The underlying message is about wastage in our world of greed that disrupts the flow of nature.

Its also aimed at the children because of the simple, childlike nature of the drawings. This is the issue that future generations will have to deal with. I noticed that there are two colour changes one when the world begins and one when we seek to find other worlds. I think this is to say that we will develop, we will continue to discover new possibilities but we have to preserve what we have (due to the creators use of recycled materials. 

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