Friday, 8 May 2009

Final stages of my pixilation

This is my pixilation about the start of my uni life. The focus for the animation is about how this new people in my life have added to my identity and by being put in a situation where no one knows who you are you created a new, slightly ultered identity that merges in with your new friends.

Since I created this version I have have faded in the start and slowed down the first few frames to introduce the audience gradually to my production. Whilst I haev been creating the pixilation I have been watching other pixilation of a similar style to see how important the music is to teh overall effect. Since then I have decided to try to create my own music to make it more about my identity... whether or not it'll be good will be another story (I am tone I wan the music to be upbeat and emphasis the pace of the pixilation so it will replicate my pace of life/my positive attitude.

Also I have realised that if I was to create this again I would have to change the compostion so that the drawing is more centered so it attracts the audiences attention in a better way. The only way I could solve this problem is to add some draing to the bottm section of the pixilation but that will make it look too cluttered so I think it will work out best if I leave it.

I have now added in the fade in and outs but I need to think of some origianal credits to some up the piece and what front etc will fit in with the style.

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