Monday, 25 January 2010

Ye Old Trip Mock Ups

looking back at my wire frames there is only one that stands out to me. I like the middle section holding the content in the middle because it resembles parchment to give the website an 'old world' look. There are a few variations that I've taken to the next stage.

I like this Mock up but I don't like the photograph. I don't think it is bold enough to give the audience an automatic impression for what the website is about. I also am not sure about the composition of the two warriors. I need to something else to suggests strength and elegance.

I think the horse goes well with the design and gives Ye Old Trip a sense of pride.

Change of photograph. Beer...much better.

I think a photo of the beer in the backgrounds works well at attracting the audience but I don't like the text or the colour of the navigation bar as it's too pale. It needs something stronger to suggest strength of character and English history.

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