Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Colour in Website Design

Whilst researching different websites for inspiration for my new project I have come across a good website when I consider colours and their appearance on different browsers. Although we have already covered this in lectured I found it to be a good reminder.

In my quest to design website number two and in a more limited amount of time I have found this website http://www.itchynottingham.co.uk/review.cfm/14/189541/Nottingham-City-Guide/review/Bar-Cuba-Libra. I like the background because it encompasses what the website is about straight way. Also it is in a prime spot that people will look at when first going on a website (see post in Nov/Dec 2009).

I like the vivid image and the green merging into black as it suggests darkness and evil due to the green and black but because it has got the image in front of the meaning colours shift. To me it suggests that the if you go to that bar and drink their alcohol that you will have a 'devilish' time where you don't have to worry about what is going on.

The one criticism I have of the website is that it makes people scroll too many times therefore they loose interest too quickly trying to find the information that they need.

I like this websites layout because it is clean cut and gets the message across quickly through images. Through researching food and drink based websites I have seen an emerging pattern of green to advertise drink. But why can green advertise drinks but not food? Maybe all advertisements keep in mind that green hold connotations of tranquility, calm and relaxation but when it comes to food mould.

I like this website for completely different reasons to the first two. It uses bold colours to make the image stand out. The navigation is in the most popular place on the site so that the audience can find it easily. Also it uses block colour as a background to keep it simple.

I think I would use block colour but maybe with a textured background to imitate the characteristic, rustic feel of Ye Old Trip (the oldest pub in Nottingham).

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