Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wire Frames for Ye Old Trip

I have created 6 wireframes for Ye old Trip. I have kept all of them simple so that I can let the colour and texture of the images speak for what the website is about. Also I have made a conscious effort to keep the navigation simple as the naviagation form my last website overcomplicated the website coding. This time I want to clarify my coding skills without worrying about the navigation as much so in the future I have got a solid base to work from.

  • Bold navigation that the audience can't miss as it's placed in one of teh most popular places. Simple boxed structure that will be easy to work with when it comes to div ids.
  • Second wireframe big navigation using the 'F' shape. Structure will work well with pics but not much space for text.
  • Same as the last wireframe but room for text. There is a small amount of space for the text so the audience don't get bogged down with information.
  • Bigger title and logo to express what the website is about and footer for extra details.
  • I don't like the first wireframe on this page because the title and logo are out of sink with each other. However the background picture could work well being exposed on the left hand side. Maybe a curtain to 'introduce' the pub in a 'theatre style'.
  • I really like the second one of this page because I could work with transparency effects and background imagery whilst keeping the image central.

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