Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Content for Ye Old trip

These are a few of my favourite photographs of my photo shoot of Ye Old Trip. I chose Ye old trip for it's historical contribution to Nottingham's history. It is a real life trading place that is built from hundred of years worth of mysteries and local stories passed down through the generations. I want to be able to recreate this mysterious, rustic history through my website to give people a feel of it's rich atmosphere.

Clock-Maybe use for opening times.

Beer an intrigal part of the pub.

The armour will give people a sense of fun a mystery.

Use the store as an extended page as to what the pub offers.

The most important selling factor. Ye Old trips infamous beer.

Maybe a background picture or logo?

Classic english.
Direction page along with a google map?

The Classic exterior from different angles.

Next step-Mock ups!

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