Wednesday, 7 October 2009


I experimented with layering photographs. The photo was originally of a fire that I think works well to separate the characters.
This is the first illustrations I have created on my NEW GRAPHICS TABLET. I was really excited to use it and mess about with drawing again. I think for my first go after a few scribbles It worked out pretty well. I enjoyed layering the colours and line thicknesses to create depth. One of the best things about using the graphics tablet was how I felt I could create a more free style through digital art.

Whilst experimenting with the pen I felt that I wanted to make characters out of the 2 women so I could see how colour, line, tone and texture work together. I think the vivid red tones give an bold, feminine feel to her. Whereas the other 'earthy' character allowed me to experiment with blending but I dont think it was as successful as it looks too scratchy for my liking.

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