Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Journal Task: Social Networks

What does it look like?

I have chosen the following three website as they are all passions of fine in some shape or form but i haven't been on any of their social networks before. As far as all 3 sites go they are all well organised and easy to use. This is helped by the intense colours that attract the users to different sections. The colours also provide a reflection of what the sites are like e.g. the skydiving one is firey and intense compared to the digital artists website which has more subdued colours due to its thought nature.

I have found that all 3 websites use photos and film in different forms to attract the users and let them know quickly what the site is about, for example the artist website and music festival site use slide shows of pictures and logos. i think this is a a good way of attracting people as the more eye catching the image the longer they will stay on your site.

Is it easy to use?

All three are easy to use as the links are clear and presented near the title so that you don't have to look very far.

How relevant is the content of the site?

http://www.welovefestivals.com is mostly relevant as it suggests festivals, ratings, peoples opinion of it etc. In all all you'd need to know about a festival but some of the pictures are a bit irrelevant as to me they are just random peoples photos of each other. if I was to change anything about the site I would add more about the DJ etc.

http://www.visualprogression.com- I found some of the content surprising. There was a lot on the home page about how to write dissertations and where to find fake ones however that was a small amount of the site. I enjoyed looking at peoples work.

http://skydivernetwork.ning.com. As for this website I found nothing on there very unexpected, it all connected well and led on to more extreme sports.


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