Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Artefact 6 Evaluation

Overall I am very happy with artefact six and the point it has brought me to within the personal research project. Due to the feedback I received from artefact five I feel that creating a ‘web package’ made from an iphone application, ipad application and website will attract a broad range of students. I have made the iphone and ipad application connect with the same scoreboard but for different variations of the game. This will bring a sense of competition to the game and bring students together over facebook as they can share/compare their scores therefore this will advertise the art gallery more.

Another reason why I have created two variations of the game for different reasons is because of the user experience design. The iphones size is restricting therefore it would be difficult for users to recreate pieces of artwork to that scale successfully in the amount of time given. In place of this game on the iphone I have created a question and answer game. By creating these two games I will attract a broad audience made from more logically minded students that will be attracted to finding out more facts as well as students that are more attracted to the creative aspect of the application.

I think that the applications work well together as they all create a sense of what the art gallery is like through its graphics, layout and artwork displayed within the application. As a final artefact the web package incorporates all aspect that new web interfaces has done to change traditional artwork within education. It is a developed interactive web interface that allows students to develop their education and experiment with forms of artwork both traditionally and digitally. Entwining their museum experience with a new web interface gets students more involved with the artwork.

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