Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Artefact 6

For my final artefact I have decided to make a web package that will include my art/game app as well as information about the Usher Art Gallery, The collection (museum linked to Usher). I think this would be beneficial in a real life situation as all aspects are linked to form the Ushers online identity.

I have included a user interface for the ipad as it will link to the iphone and get rid of any UX issue that effects drawing on the iphone. All of the ideas that I have created in artefact 6 have been developed from the online focus group that I created to get feedback.

The Usher Art Gallery has tarted to create a new online identity that I wanted to carry on through my entire web package. The web page is designed for the user to spend longer gaining knowledge and sharing their art work with each other with the museums community.

You can view the original art work and compare it to the work created through the app to make it more personal.
The iPad design

The navigation is designed to keep within the theme of the website. It uses the same colours with simple, self explanatory heading to keep within the theme of the package.
This is the Usher interface I have designed for the option of 'Play Art Project'. (Art project isn't its final name). The background is designed to give the audience a sense of what the game is about.
Before they start the game thy have to randomly choose which material etc they have to use as part of the challenge and to get the students out of their artistic comfort zones.

Once again I wanted the background to further suggest what the game is about so I have done a gradual fade of the background to replicate what will happen in the game on different levels.
As Always the instructions are always helpful...
On the hard level there is a blank background therefore no guidance of how to recreate the image. The aim of the game is to recreate the art work in the quickest time possible in the materials, colour etc set the idea is that the students will gain a deeper interest of the art work if they recreate it in their own way.
At the Medium level you can only see a faded image.

The Easy level gives you the most guidance as you can see all of the image
The scoreboard will keep the level of competition up. The aim is to reach certain targets of amount of medals won in a certain time to win a voucher for the gallery.

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