Wednesday, 8 October 2008


I'm like every other student who came to Nottinghham Trent. I was thinking of the crazy night life, meeting new people and of course what my new flat would be like. That was the easy bit.... I want to be able to challenge myself by blending my creative thinking with the digital world. Every one wants to pass but I want to be able to create new worlds full of stories, made out of colour and texture.

What did I do in Freshers week? Well apart from having the luckiest week of my life so far with booze (no hangovers) I've met some really nice people in my flat. They've introduced me to french animation. It was really cute. The characters reminded me of french versions of wallace and gromit. Even though there was no dialogue I was hooked by the dramatic music telling the story of this carton trying to train for the marathon. What attracted me to it was the exaggerated stereotypes, for example the runner had massively exaggerated calfs. Apart from that I've been out most nights at the SU and trying to find my way round Nottingham.

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