Thursday, 16 October 2008

Messing Around With Pixilation

Today was my first go at pixilation techniques. I was excited to try it out after getting a taste for animation during our whiteboard exercise because I realised how much thought to each movement goes into the final picture no matter what the skill of drawing is. At this point we jumped straight into making the still frames which might be a problem later because we didn't consider the true narrative until we had made to many stills to turn back. 

We started off with running motions and on a green, leafy hill side to give the landscape an interesting edge. I felt a bit like a big kid rolling down the hill to make our first shot but who doesn't like doing that?! Our work slowly turned into more of a narrative as we used the trees as props to hide behind from "a monster." As i take more photos I'd like to add more props to replace people and more movement (jumps etc.)

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