Thursday, 2 April 2009

Flash Game Update...

I am now in the final stages of finishing one of my flash games. The structure is working well as I have chosen to use the coding from our interactive narrative due to time issues. (Simon advised me to simplify my ideas).

I am thinking about arranging my images at the bottom of the page so that the user can still interact with them as a game but also have some more imagery to relate to the people. The main reason I am going to try this is to liven the page up but it might become too cluttered.
This is the simple code I used to produce the structure. It's amazing more much easier it has become to use than when I was doing the narratives project but it's going to leave me time to add animation.
These are the pictures I am going to use for people to choose who they think knows the most in about my identity.

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Richard said...

Your flash game is looking really good, cant wait to see the finished thing.