Thursday, 16 April 2009

flash animation!

About a weeks ago I had a sudden brain wave to recreate my final idea. Instead of creating a question and answer game I am in the process of making a flash animation. It is based on a haunted house that a character of myself explore through discovering objects that tell a story within the house.

I made some hand drawn sketches and worked with them in photoshop. I intensified the colours  to make it quite playful and bold. 

It took about a day to sort them out and arrange them within the time line in flash. I really enjoyed working with the layers in flash. I feel like I can make it more my own than I can in 3D max as I have created my own illustrations by hand to make an imaginary world.

One of the finished layers in photoshop/flash. I am going to animate the moon to change its expression into shock when the character discovers an item that reveals my identity.
The original house

How Is this my identity?

The concept is for people to explore my identity in a hand drawn world that represents my imagination. No two peoples drawings are the same. There will be objects such as books, music, toys etc that represent dreams, emotions, relationships and everyday life.

Another idea is to create a series of animated landscapes to represent different aspects of my personality.

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