Friday, 17 April 2009

3D Max Avatar Up Date

My main goal when it comes to the avatar is to make it look as spot on as possible so I have found a tutorial that uses photographs of my face to create the structure. I created a plane to place the photos on and changed the dimension to suit the bitmap.

The planes were put in place to start creating the structure.

I began by creating the mouth with a cylinder and deleted the edges so one face was left.

To begin making the lips I made the cylinder into a doughnut shape and added in extra geography where the corners of the lips will be.
I have started to alter the vertexes to start making the lips. The most important part of the face to express my identity is my eyes. I plan to emphasis them to connect with the audience and get them thinking about who I am. So far this method has been a bit arkward when I have been trying to reshape the doughnut shape. I have found a better tuitorial that uses polygons instead.

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