Monday, 31 May 2010

Freelance portfolio website

As a bit of freelance work and a favour to a friend I am doing a portfolio website for Sophie Magnante (another 2ND year student of NTU multimedia). She wants a fun, creative website to advertise her work. i have started with a bit of research into the area. Also she has given me a few links to her favourite websites.
  • She like the squares for thumbnails for the work
  • she like the way you can navigate through the thumbnails and it remands as a grid.
  • collaged and layered
  • animation intro?
  • doesn't like the menu
  • one background that changes slightly with each page
  • something moves left to right that engages the audience.
There's a website I have found that I think is creative and layered but may be a bit too 'hand made' for Sophie. (I might bear it in mind for my portfolio website).

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