Tuesday, 2 March 2010

We're Getting Some Where

Mock-up 3: I'm going to use her unique ethnic heritage of being half Indian and half Scottish as part of her identity so people will realise she has a connection to both the Asian and Western world in terms of documentary photography. I think the Indian and English title needs to be integrated more. I think the black background works well to make the photo's stand out.

Mock-up 4: I have used the Indian within the banners edges to make the page less segmented and it leads the eye to the navigation to the photo gallery. I am going to experiment with different colours to make the title 'pop' (red or green). I am going to start designing an animated banner and navigation for my interactive flash pages involving a cartoon tripod and camera.

Form doing the mock ups I need the navigation to have some interesting interaction that is simple and easy to use so I'm thinking about navigation that is coming out form the use of the photo and have a camera symbol next to it. You will only see the the text when you hover over the camera symbol. Also the photo gallery will be the home page for the site so the audience will go straight to the photos in minimal time, which will help the client grab the attention of possible 'fans,' clients etc.

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