Tuesday, 2 March 2010

All About The Naviagtion

Having chosen a sort list final design with my client. I still felt that some alterations needed to be done, especially with the navigation to make the website more interactive. So I had the idea of using a miniature camera that pops out for the words that aren't visible to make the audience want to explore the site. Also it will fit it with the idea I have for my banner (animated camera and tripod). All of the mock ups have helped me come to the final stages of the mock-ups. The two favourites are version 1 and 5 but we have decided to go with 5 because it won't be cluttered and leaves room to experiment with flash animation in the banner.

Original badge that sparked off the idea

A drawing to simplify the lines

Bright, bold easily attracts the audience

Version 1:
  • Red makes the lettering stand out. Also in the Indian culture it symbolises luck and prosperity.
  • Simple navigation arrows that will move with the words to match the navigation.
  • Red border to match the rest of the website.
Version 2:
  • Orange lettering for a softer look.
  • Simple navigation where the sections of the gallery are laid out straight away, changing colour with the page you are on.
Version 3:
  • To make the design more unique I have designed miniature cameras to go at the end of the words instead of arrows. People will automatically realise it's more photos and that they are in the gallery as soon as they enter the website.
  • Small icons. Are they big enough?
Version 4:
  • Bigger more intricate camera. does it clutter the website and take away focus form the title and photos?
Version 5:
  • Red attracts the eye. The clients prefers the red as it is bolder than the orange.
  • We both like the cameras as naviagtion but I am planning to to a flash banner with a camera and tripod so it will probably make it look to cluttered and take away focus from teh photos and title.

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