Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Random inspiration

Over the christmas holidays I've been doing some random work on my portfolio. Here are 2 websites that have caught my eye.

http://www.ikon-images.com/ This site is really good because of its side ways navigation. A simple touch but unique. Maybe good for a show real or a series of illustrations.

http://www.camellie.com/index.php?x=browse&category=2&title=work Again I like this website because of its simplicity. I love how there is a subtle animation along the side of the work that you can scroll down. The colours also all co-ordinate well to unify the brand.


Laura Harrison, Make-up artist said...

Love these! I seriously need to get you working on my website!!!!! :) xx

Gayr Stares said...

Hey. Cheers! Any time, just let me know if/when you need a website. I like your blog! x